Sunday, September 7, 2014

Furless Human Passed up Star Wars Promo Figures!

My humans are watching a show called Pawn Stars which is ridiculous because I have yet to see a dog on the program.  Who wants to watch a bunch of stupid humans buying and selling stuff that a dog could care less about?  Besides, in one episode, the furless human passed up a couple of promo life sized Star Wars characters (Darth Maul and Jar Jar Binks).  He was only willing to pay $200. each for them, and the human who owned them would not sell them that cheap which  shows he was a lot smarter than the furless human at the pawn shop.  Yet, in the same episode, Mr. Furless bought a dr.s buggy, and paid $800 for it.  Sure, it is an antique, but to think that a dr.s buggy would sell better than something from Star Wars--even the 3 latest bad movies is ridiculous.  This is why I called up the studio and suggested a better program--Dog Stars.  A couple of dogs sleeping through the program would be more interesting than the humans on the show my humans were watching.  Mommy said she would have bought the Star Wars promos from the man.  I guess Mommy has more sense than the furless guy.  Mommy also realizes something that we dogs know already...most humans will buy movie memorabilia from a popular movie faster than they buy a presidential autograph.  Most of the humans aren't  "intellectuals".  I suspect some of them don't even know what the word "intelligence" even means.  They can't help it though--they are humans---not dogs.  I like to think that I have educated my humans with dog sense and that is why they are smarter about such things.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog With Good Taste)

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