Sunday, August 31, 2014

Celebrity Dog Rehab

After my blog yesterday about the humans and my dogtor trying to get me addicted to drugs--particularly an antibiotic, keflex,  I decided to do some further research to see if this is common among the humans.  I must sadly report that it is.  In fact, it is so common that there are more than one website dedicated to selling drugs for dogs.  Why would the humans want their dogs to be drug addicts?  I have no idea why.  Of course, I also have no idea why the humans choose to be drug addicts.  Some of them will even put drugs into their veins with needles.  How stupid is that?  When the dogtor comes to me with a needle, I am not pleased.  In fact, my owners have suggested a muzzle over me so that I don't bite the dogtor.  It is only fair---if he want's to stick something sharp in me, I think I should be able to stick my sharp teeth into him.  Anywho,  my humans are about as far from the drug addict types as you can get so my theory is that they are trying to get me addicted so I can go to rehab.  You know how all the tabloids are with the celebrity rehab news.  The humans just can't seem to get enough of that type of reading.  Imagine if celebrity blogger, Demon Flash Bandit has to go to rehab.  The tabloids would go bananas with that piece of news.  They would sell millions and I bet my humans are going to get a cut of it.  If so, they had better plan to buy lots and lots of dingo bones because this dog does not work cheap.

Demon Flash Bandit (Celebrity Rehab Possibility)

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