Wednesday, August 27, 2014


   Hello to all the Banditnites out there! (NOTE: Banditnites is now the OFFICAL name for all you Demon Flash Bandit fans out there). My name is Angel Zoom Smokey and I am writing a guest blog today. For any of you out there who don’t know who I am, I am Demon’s adorable little stepsister. I’m sure he says nothing but the nicest things about me on here. I can’t be bothered to read his blog since reading really isn’t my thing. I’m much more of a TV and movie dog. I know what you are all thinking, all that TV watching has indeed sharpened the old brain noggin…thing…and stuff.   I have become something of a movie and TV trivia Einstein as a result. I am of course referring to the dog Einstein from the hit “Back to the Future” trilogy and NOT that old human Albert Einstein who graces so many college posters with his tongue sticking out. Human ladies, we get it, you think he’s a dreamboat. I guess Albert Einstein is a bit like James Dean in that respect. Handsomeness is timeless, so look out Justin Bieber.
   On the subject of Albert Einstein, what was with that dude’s hair? The man was a genius, surely he must have known how goofy he looked. It even makes me wonder how smart he truly was. Seriously think about it for a second, a man that supposedly smart went into a hair cutting place or stylist, got done, looked into a mirror, and just walked out without demanding they make him look less like a Batman villain. It’s not just Albert Einstein either, many scholars have seemingly followed his lead and seem perfectly happy looking like a crazy person. Granted, it does work for some people. I am a huge fan of the show “Ancient Aliens” and I have to admit that Giorgio A. Tsoukalos totally rocks the crazy hair. His secret? ALIENS! Seriously though, these men are very intelligent, they should know that getting your hair cut in the same place as Bozo and Milky the clowns probably wasn’t their brightest ideas.  It should be noted that while I make fun of Albert Einstein’s personal stylist, Guillermo Alfonso Nardio Javier Zhang Antonio Talladega-Del Toro (nicknamed Bubba), went on to be the personal stylist to many celebrities who wanted their hair to scream genius. His clients have included Don King, Nicki Minaj, Russell Brand, and Carrot Top. Clearly, their look did not scream genius, if anything, their looks screamed HELP!
   Moving onto Justin Bieber really quickly since we talked about him earlier, did you see that Orlando Bloom tried to punch that little twerp? Now, if you couldn’t tell, I’m Team Bloom. Honestly though, I’m Team Anyone Willing To Punch Justin Bieber In the Face. I don’t condone violence, I firmly believe it to be the root of all evil and I am very anti-violence. I am the type of dog who wants nothing but peace for all of God’s creatures. That being said, if someone decks Justin Bieber in the face, I will be the first dog cheering as Justin Bieber cries in the corner. The only upsetting thing about the whole Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber story was that Orlando Bloom missed punching his face. I can’t exactly blame him, who wants to touch his face anyway? Plus, Bloom showed what a class act he actually is by restraining himself from punching a little girl. All you dogs at home do yourself a favor and watch the movie “Kingdom of Heaven” in support of Orlando Bloom. I’m just assuming that “Kingdom of Heaven” is a sequel to “All Dogs Go to Heaven” so extra points to Orlando Blooming Onion for starring in a dog movie!  Well...I am going to mush into the movie room now and watch it!  Have a barking good time everyone!


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  1. Hey, dat whole crazy hair look works for some pups . . . just sayin. ;)