Monday, August 18, 2014

Old Buns are Good Buns

Everyday my Mommy (the human one I adopted), stops at McDonalds and gets me 4 double cheeseburgers at McDonalds.  I used to get Burger King everyday until the day that an employee told Mommy she could not order a bacon burger without condiments, and the company was annoying when she called the corporate number to complain.  If a dog does not want mustard and stuff on his burgers, the company should accomodate said dog.  If not for us dogs, I suspect many of the fast food restaurants would go out of business.  I usually eat the meat and cheese, but I leave the buns because a dog does not need bread--a dog needs MEATZ.  If you have any doubts about that fact, check with my pal on, Zaidie.  However, there are times I am particularly hungry so Mommy puts the buns in the McDonalds bag, and gives it to me to carry around.  I do occasionally enjoy a bun after a few days when it is crunchy and dry because that is when buns are the most delicious.  Sometimes I let Angel Zoom Smokey have some buns to eat because that dog's stomach seems to be a bottomless pit.  She has been getting a burger  lately, but she always gets a boneless chicken breast because she is a real chicken fan.  In fact, she won't even eat anything all day until she gets her chicken.  I think she is afraid she will fill up on a lesser food, and won't have room for her chicken.  Anyway, Mommy does occasionally throw the buns away because she is under the mistaken assumption that once they are old and crunchy, they don't taste good (and I have already stated that is when they are the best).  Today, I went by the garbage and discovered my bag of buns in there.  I grabbed the bag and took off with it, but Mommy saw me.  I am pleased to announce that the bag is hidden where only I can find it.  There are times when I am very glad that the humans don't have a dog's sense of smell or I would have a rough time hiding things from them.  However, with their semi-useless noses, they don't stand a chance.  Therefore, I have scored a bag of buns!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who is a Bun Expert)


  1. Well done DFB!! Way to go. I got a bone today and I've got it well and truly hidden from my humans. They'd never find it in a million years.

  2. Good hiding skills, DFB! Good eats, too!

    I don't get buns or burgers...