Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Have no Fear, Underdog is Here!

I have been feeling a "bit under the weather" which makes no sense since I think we dogs are always "under the weather", but that is what the humans like to say.  I guess it makes them feel like they have some control over the atmosphere--which we do not.  It means that we aren't feeling as good as usual.  I have been feeling bad, and Mommy (the human one I adopted), took me to the dogtor yesterday.  I had went to the dogtor about 2 weeks ago, and I had an eye infection.  This time the infection had not improved.  In fact, it was worse--I now have ear infections and my paw is infected.  I suppose this is why the humans tell us not to scratch ourselves, but when you have an itch, what else are you supposed to do?  This dog is a firm believer in scratching.  This time the dogtor gave me some serious antibiotics (2 doses of keflex), and cream for my eye and ears.  I am already feeling better so I decided to write my blog first thing.  I didn't feel like writing it yesterday.  Those antibiotics really perk a dog up, don't they?  I'm sure that all the good wishes and prayers of my doggy pals out in Internet land have helped a lot too.  I got a new toy for going to the dogtor, and I am very fond of it.  It is a plush Underdog dog toy that says "there's no need to fear, Underdog is here".  Angel Zoom Smokey got one too which is okay with me.  We are like siblings that have to have what the other one has so Mommy solves that problem by making sure both of us have one.  It is the same policy that she had with my two younger brothers.  They always got the same toys because otherwise, they would fight over them.  I think that Underdog made me feel better because  a new toy does work wonders for a sick dog!  I would have skipped the pills because they don't taste good, but a dog does what a dog has to do to please the humans.  Hopefully, I will be feeling better, and I'll write my blog more often.  I know how important it is for my pals to read my blog.  By the way, in the Underdog movie, my Mommy (the human one) liked the motto, "There is no need to worry, Underdog is Furry".  She has a point--it is cute!

Demon Flash Bandit (Sick Dog Feeling Better)


  1. Crikey DFB ..... you've been in the wars, mate!! Glad you're feeling a lot better. Eye, ear and paw troubles ..... that's way too much for any husky to have to cope with. No wonder you felt crook, aye??

  2. Hope ya are feelin all better soon! POTP!