Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Garage is Now Doggy Park Cave

My Mommy has been having more and more problems getting around because her back paws aren't working too good anymore.  I told her to put down her front paws and use them too, but evidently, the humans can't grasp the concept that 4 paws are better than 2.  One of the biggest problems is that the first step onto our porch is about 1 foot high.  I can do that step with my paws closed, but Mommy has real problems getting her knee to move that far up so she bought a small step to put in front which has changed the 1 step into 2 smaller steps.  It is working at least for the time being, but I devised a better plan which only can be devised by those of us of the dog persuasion.  I have decided to dig up the yard and move it to the driveway.  and also fill in the small area (about 1 foot) between the step and the driveway.  Then the two would be no different in size, and Mommy would have NO step to worry about conquering.  The garage would then be useless for cars because it would be too far down from the driveway, but I think garages are silly anyway.  Why does a car need shelter?  The humans  can then clean all their useless garbage from their garages and turn the garages into something that every dog needs---his own personal doggy park cave.  I'm looking forward to the humans doing that for me.  Sometimes when a dog goes the extra mile to help the humans, the dog gets rewarded!

Demon Flash Bandit (Soon to Be Owner of a Doggy Park Cave)

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  1. My garage are too hot to be a doggy park cave - it are even hotter dan outside!