Monday, April 28, 2014

Real or Fake: Birds are Horrible

My human Mommy does floral arrangements.  For the most part, I approve, but when she brings home a fake bird (in this case a chicken) to put in an arrangement, this dog has to take matters into his own paws and show that fake bird who is boss.  I told Mommy (who is also my secretary) to upload a photo of the bird after I got done with it onto my blog.  Hopefully, it will show up okay, but Mommy is not really much of a computer person.  The only reason she can type reasonably fast is because she took typing when she was young, and when she was young, most of the typewriters weren't even electrical.  Yes, dogs, you could just get on the machine and type without any power source whatsoever except for the energy of the human or dog doing the typing.  The reason I am writing about this subject today is that I want to know why the humans think adding a fake bird will make flowers look better.  I don't think the addition of a bird could ever improve anything.  Since I live in the same house with Mommy, and am constantly lecturing about birds being evil, it seems that Mommy has not really listened to my words of wisdom. Do the humans ever learn anything or they just incapable of intelligent thought?

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Hates Birds--Even Fake Ones)


  1. I barked some burds today and I thought of you!

  2. To answer your last question .... Humans ARE definitely incapable of intelligent thought! The only chook that should ever be brought into any house is one that has been plucked and barbecued and placed in MY dinner bowl!!!! A fake bird will NOT make flowers look better. It will, however, make my dinner bowl look better.