Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fleas: I Don't Think They are Innocent

A cemetery of humans who were buried who died of the bubonic plague many centuries ago in England are being studied by scientists who are finding new information about how the disease was spread.  As most dogs can tell you, it was spread by fleas on rats.  Now the scientists say that it was not spread by fleas.  To have spread so quickly, it would have had to be airborne.  I can tell you that there were no dog scientists involved in this study because no dog would let the fleas off the hook for their part in the plague.  I don't care if it was their fault or not.  They are fleas, and the more the humans hate them, the better it is for us dogs.  If fleas get by without blame on the bubonic plague, the humans might start feeling bad that they have an unearned bad reputation, and instead of capital punishment, they might send the fleas into rehab or a mental hospital for trauma to their emotional state due to centuries of being misunderstood.  If the fleas get a free pass, the humans will never believe birds are evil because this dog has been standing up against birds since I was a puppy.  Even cats are mad about the possible vindication of fleas because they have spent centuries killing mice and rats for the humans.  The humans have rewarded them by allowing them to be household pets.  If mice and rats are no longer feared due to their fleas, what job will cats have to do?  They enjoy their jobs too--just ask any cat.  I have myself recently caught a mouse, and it made me very happy.  Besides, as silly as the humans are, they might even put the mice and rats on the "endangered species" list and then cats won't be allowed to go after them anymore.  Wouldn't that be a horrible trauma for a cat?  I also think that the fleas on mice and rats can cause other diseases so I'm hoping that the scientists will point that out before the humans get all mouse crazy and make them pets.  If you want accurate research, there should always be a least one scientist who is a dog on every team!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Hates Fleas)

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  1. I'm not buying it - da fleas (and da rats) is da real culprit here. Sounds like a bunch of lies spread by rats.