Friday, April 18, 2014

Dog Treat Review: A Pawfect Dog Bakery

I placed an order recently with A Pawfect Dog.  This is a bakery that specializes in dog treats.  I advertise them on my blog, but I do not charge them for the ad, and I paid for the order so you know that I am not just writing this to get something for myself.  What I say is the dog's honest truth.  I ordered some peanut butter sandwich bones, and they were wonderful.  They are large bones with peanut butter in the middle-kind of like a doggy Oreo.  You can eat them altogether or you can open it up and lick the peanut better just like the humans do with the Oreo cookies.  I got a pound of the apple nut bones, and a pound of the bacon ones.  They were both delicious, and I don't think there is a dog who wouldn't enjoy these treats.  They cost more than treats in the store, but they are made with lots of love.  Besides, I'm worth the money.LOL

Demon Flash Bandit (Loves A Pawfect Dog Bakery)

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