Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Potato Family Needs Potato Dog!

The toy, Mr. Potato Head, has been around for many years.  There is even a Mrs Potato Head.  I want to know why there is no Potato Dog.  How do you expect a potato family to thrive or even survive without a potato dog?  Humans without dogs are a pathetic lot.  You go by their houses and their yard looks plain--just grass and flowers, and no wonderful holes.  I know you might say, can't they hire some landscapers to give the yard that "dog lives there" look?  Human landscapers just aren't capable of providing such amenities.  Besides, dogs also add that special "artwork" to a yard, and we keep the plants watered for the humans.  It is time for us dogs to start a letter writing campaign to the toy company that makes the Potatoes, and let them know that they need to add a potato dog.  They have a Darth Potato, Spider potato, etc. so adding a dog potato should not be that difficult.  I think all companies should have at least one dog on their board of directors so that these kinds of mistakes won't happen in the future!

Demon Flash Bandit (Wants a Potato Dog)

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