Friday, January 31, 2014

Kibble Nightmares

Hold the applause--I'm back.  On second thought, go ahead and applaud.  I love applause.  That is how the humans around here got me to be housebroken.  They applauded me, and even as a puppy, I loved it! 

I have something important to write about today.  Mommy bought us some kibble.  Angel Zoom
Smokey and myself are used to eating people food so kibble was a whole new experience for us.  I took one sniff and decided it was not worthy to be eaten.  Angel Zoom Smokey did eat a little of it, but that is only because she is a "foodie" who will eat almost anything.  I've watched enough Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Gordon Ramsay to know that a dog does not have to eat just anything that is put in front of his face.  I have decided, like Chef Ramsay, to rate this dining experience so that other dogs will know about this food.  It was a trial package of Kibbles and Bits Homestyle food.  The presentation was acceptable.  It was put into a dog bowl.   It was a bit insulting that it was in a "dog dish" when I normally eat out of fancy disposable dishes (my humans aren't fond of putting dishes in the dishwasher). However, I could overlook the bowl because it said "Champ", and I am a champion.  If you don't believe it, just ask me.  The food seemed to be crunchy enough, but I refused to try it because I had eaten chicken already so why would I want to fill up on "dog food"?  It isn't like my humans got themselves a big bowl of it.  They didn't even take a taste of it.  I say if the humans give you food that they don't eat, why should the dog eat it?  That is food that should be given to a cat!  Angel Zoom Smokey ate it, and said it was okay, but she prefers the human food.  That dog will eat anything.  I told her she is a disgrace to dogs everywhere, and that is why the humans get by with feeding dogs inferior food.  Of course, I tell her she is a disgrace to dogs everyday at least 50 times a day  so I suspect she pays little attention to me.  I should have sold her on ebay when she was a puppy.  I tried, but the humans wouldn't cooperate with me.  They love her.  Can you believe it?  They even paid good money for her instead of buying dingo bones for me.  I say you can never go wrong buying dingo  bones!

Demon Flash Bandit (Kibble Nightmares)

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  1. Yikes Big Dog, if I din't eat my kibble, I'd starve 'round here.

    Hey, this is a funny video. I thought of you.