Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dogs Will Stop Birdcopolypse

I am so sorry that I have been unable to write a blog for the past few days.   Mommy called AT&T to have a faster internet service installed, and they installed it the next day which would have been nice if they had gotten the u-verse modem to us in time.  This means that the internet was out for several days, and I'm afraid it might happen again because the new modem has not yet arrived, and they might have to shut it down again when it comes.  Why am I boring you with all this information?  Because they can fool the humans, but they can't fool a dog particularly not me, Demon Flash Bandit.  I know that birds have taken over at AT&T.  The birds will go to any length to try to silence my barks because they know that I am onto them, and I'm warning the world that they are up to no good.  They are trying to steal a dog's snow, and then take over the planet.  Even cats don't like birds.  I don't mind cats, but they aren't nearly as smart as us dogs, and the birds can't even fool them.  However, the humans are a different story.  It is hard to believe that the humans are even dumber than cats, but they are.  Fortunately, there are some humans that are smart enough to have dogs and that do listen to their dogs.  This means that I have hope for the future of the world.  I would hate to see a world with birds in charge.  I call that scenario a birdcopolyspe.  As long as us dogs are around, we will make sure that never happens!

Demon Flash Bandit (Birds Take Over AT&T)


  1. Hey there Big Dog! I was sure hopin the birds hadn't got ya!
    Check out my bloggy thingy too!

  2. Yeah, I think da birds musta taken over Dogster and that are why it are closing - so it can be Birdster.