Thursday, January 2, 2014

No Shoes for This Dog!

Is it any wonder that a dog like myself refuses to allow the humans to put shoes or "booties" on my paws? Besides the fact that a dog looks silly in them (yes, cute, but still silly--and we look cute bare pawed too). One of the most logical reason why many of us dogs refuse to wear booties is because you never know about the humans. IF they aren't spending too much on some pair of shoes like Prada, they are getting more and more ridiculous in their shoe choices. The humans in recent years have started wearing a reptile on each foot. Crocs are very popular shoes, and you know it won't be long until the humans will be buying doggy crocs for their dogs. This whole trend started with alligator shoes. One of the more clever of the humans decided that, if the humans were willing to pay top dollar for a shoe made from an alligator, that crocodile shoes would also be big sellers. I don't care what the humans say, this dog will not be wearing crocs. I don't like reptiles who could bite my paws! Demon Flash Bandit (Not a Fan of Reptiles)

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