Sunday, January 26, 2014

Are Humans Without Makeup Ugly?

According to the Wall Street Journal. Americans spent 33.3 billion dollars on cosmetics and beauty products in the year 2010.  I found this amount astounding, and it makes a dog really think.  Just how ugly are the humans without makeup?  When a human has to spend that much money, they must be hideous without the makeup.  We dogs don't tend to wear any makeup whatsoever, and we are all cute.  Even the dog who brings home the "ugliest dog" title is so ugly, the dog is cute.  I know it sounds impossible, but look it up in the dog physics book--it is an absolute fact!  Do the humans have any idea how many dog treats and toys they could buy with that kind of money?  It just seems to be a total waste of money to spend so much on makeup.  I think all dogs should encourage their humans to take the money they would spend on makeup and buy something for the family dog instead.  Spending money on dog treats is money well spent.  In case you think I'm making up that amount of money, here is the link to the article:

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Against Wasting Money on Makeup)


  1. I agree, toadal waste of good money.
    Jus' think of all the toys and treats we could have!

  2. I don't knows... I willing to give up some of my toys (and that is REALLY saying something) if it would mean some of the people I sees on my walks wouldn't hurt my eyes so much...bol! Too bad for them they aren't as cute as we are....