Monday, January 27, 2014

This Dog Scored Some Sunflower Seeds

I scored a bag of sunflower seeds.  I've had them in my "stash" for quite awhile now.  When Mommy goes shopping, I always go through the bags when the humans aren't looking to see what treasures have been purchased while at the store.  I found  the bag of sunflower seeds and put them in my stash of food.  This is something I do for the humans so that if I get hungry and they aren't able to feed me, I can take care of myself.  Yes, I am the perfect dog!  Anyway, you might wonder why Mommy didn't miss them.  That is because my Mommy just assumed she had not bought them.  Thank dog she didn't check the receipt or she might have gotten suspicious.  Anyway, the humans discovered I had them when I brought them out of my stash and they saw them in the foyer.  My humans rescued them, and Mommy tried one, but she said it tasted stale which is probably because my teeth left some holes in the bag.  Thus, Angel Zoom Smokey and myself got sunflower seeds as a treat.  I didn't plan to share them with Angel, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet even if you would prefer to bite the food.  I want to tell all the dogs out there that, getting your own food is being thoughtful.  The humans can do other things with their time--like rub our tummies!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Gets Own Treats)