Thursday, January 30, 2014

Demon Flash Bandit: Fashion Expert

Once again, this dog is amused at how easily the humans jump onto the bandwagon of any trend no matter how dumb.  This is particularly true of the fashion industry.  The item I will be writing about today is yoga pants.  I can understand why they are popular since they were designed by the great and powerful pic-a-nic basket thief, Yogi Bear.  However, as much as I like and respect the Yogster, he is hardly an expert on pants.  In case you have forgotten, he never wears them!  If he were designing a tie or collar, I could understand how the humans would want them.  However if he knew about pants, don't you think he would be wearing them instead of showing his butt to the world on television and in movies? 

Many of the human women are wearing yoga pants now in Yogi's honor, and some of them look okay because they are young and skinny.  I'm not saying I'm a fan of the fashion, but some can wear them if they want to.  However, if my human Mommy ever decided to wear yoga pants, I would end up losing my Milkbones.   I love Mommy, but she is not thin, and she would not look good in yoga pants.  I'm not saying she looks good in regular pants, but definitely not in yoga pants.  Mommy has the common sense to know this and you will never see her don a pair of yoga pants.  However, there are many humans that have no idea what they should never wear. Those are the ones who usually adopt the latest trend, and risk making those around them blind.  If you visit the link: , you'll see what I mean.  This site has many of the "fashion mistakes" of which I am referring.  I do hope the yoga pants trend stops before it gets out of paw.  I love seeing out of my blue eyes!  I think I'll call Yogi and suggest he not start any more fashion trends.

Demon Flash Bandit (Fashion Expert)


  1. Yikes! We can't look at those peepoles of Walmart very long without gettin sick.
    But take a look at this video. This guy does parodies of famous songs. This one is 'bout Yoga Pants! I'll try to make a clicky link. May not work.

    Yoga Pants!

  2. Most people who look bad in yoga pants would look bad in any pants cuz they's wearin' pants that are too small fur 'em!

  3. I'm having trouble signing in today so I am using my human's name, but this comment is from me, DFB. Zoe, thanks for sharing. That is a funny song, and I hope the men don't start wearing yoga pants. My brother Jeff said he might start wearing them, but I think (and hope) he was joking. Finley, you are right about some people not looking good in any pants, but I do suggest that those humans continue wearing some pants because they just can't pull off the "show the tail" look like us dogs can.