Saturday, January 18, 2014

Diets are for the Birds--They Deserve Them!!!!

I had to go to the dog doctor yesterday  because my paw has been bothering me.  I got a shot of steroids which seems kind of silly to me.   I don't see how shooting me with a needle from a stereo is going to help particularly when vinyl records have been replaced by the more modern cd.  Another interesting thing I have noticed is that all dog doctors must have served in  the military because the humans call them "vets" which is what you call someone who was once in the military!  I always try to make sure that my blog is not only entertaining, but also educational.  I call it the 2 Es.  The visit would have been okay if the stupid doctor did not prescribe a special diet for me.  I'm not overweight or anything.  The diet consists of boiled eggs, rice, sardines, and chicken fat.  I refuse to eat eggs and rice, and sardines sounds like seafood of which I am not particularly fond.  My humans know that I will go on a hunger strike if they try to serve me food I don't like.  Compared to me, Gandhi was a big eater when he was on his hunger strike!  I'm sure I will triumph because I am one super stubborn dog!!!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing "Vets")


  1. No more burgers? Oh da horrors!

    I don't know about dose stereos, Finley's daddy has a million of dem but dey do not shoot out needles. Thank DOG!

  2. Big Dog! Ya gotta eat sumfin!

    Hey, check out my blog
    It's in the baby stage right now.

  3. Yeah, DFB! Yu gotta eat, my fwiend! Hope yu habbed a bedder week.