Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Demon Flash Bandit Doll

Is the world ready for a fat Barbie? Judging from the buzz on the Internet, this is a subject of great importance. No, I don't know why it is so important, but then again, I'm a dog, and not one of the silly humans. My guess is that "fat" Barbie's dogs prefer her to skinny Barbie who is always out driving around in her expensive sports car with Ken or hanging out in her "dream house". By the way, have you ever seen a dream house marketed that has dog's squeaky toys on the floor or a few dead birds on the walls? Of course, you will never see that. Yet dead birds hanging out in a house makes a dog feel like a dog. Anyway, I bet fat Barbie stays at home more and gives a dog attention and treats, and as any dog can tell you, that is the important thing for the humans to do. I personally don't see the big deal about Barbie being fat. In case you haven't noticed, the humans come in different sizes and colors just like us dogs. Does it make a Chihuahua any less of a dog because he isn't as big as a Great Dane. Of course not! Size has a lot to do with genetics, lifestyle, and even some physical problems. Perhaps if the humans learned to look at other humans from the same perspective as us dogs do, they would be better people. A human cannot go wrong being the kind of person his or her dog thinks they are. Do I think it matters if Mattel produces a fat Barbie? No, I don't think it is a big deal. I think the humans put way too much emphasis on the impact of Barbie on a girls self esteem. If they want to make life fun for children, they should produce a Demon Flash Bandit doll. That would be a smart move for Mattel. I would buy several for myself. Demon Flash Bandit (Fat Barbie is Okay)

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