Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tenth Annual Puppy Bowl

Sunday (Feb. 2, 2014) is a big day for sports.  Yes dogs, it is the annual Puppy Bowl which is held for those of us who don't like football and have no desire to watch the humans play football.  Instead they can watch delightfully cute puppies play football in the Puppy Bowl.  This is the tenth year for the Puppy Bowl, and I wonder how the Super Bowl among the humans can even hope to compete with this monumental event.  In addition to the Puppy Bowl, there is a Kitten Bowl, and even a Fish Bowl.  Of course, in this dog's opinion, the one to watch is the Puppy Bowl.  Kittens are inferior, and fish are boring.  Besides, Conan, inspired by the Puppy Bowl has aired the Puppy Conan Show, which is great show.  Anyway, don't miss the Puppy Bowl, and skip the Human Bowl.  The humans are just a waste of time to watch.  They aren't even cute on the field, but the puppies are loaded with cutes!  Here is more information about the Puppy Bowl:

Don't forget:  Tenth Puppy Bowl:  February 2, 2014.  Don't miss it!

Demon Flash Bandit (Announcing Puppy Bowl)


  1. Hmmm, still think my favorite would be a food bowl - with lotsa snacks!!!

  2. I sawed sum ob da Pubby Bowl!! It wuz TU cute, bud dat r jus' my 'pinyun! Da Pubby Conan Show wuz BERY funny an' cute, tu!