Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dogs Deserve the Best

Since I have been unable to write for several days, I have been saving this topic that I think every dog needs to know about.  That is the recent photo published of Bo and Sunny Obama, first dogs, who are eating their dinner off White House china and crystal.  They are sitting at the White House table where the state dinners are held.  Here is a link for those who want to see the photo:

As you can see, the photo is adorable, but there are humans criticizing the photo, and comparing the Obamas to Marie Antoinette.  This is the most ridiculous attack on dogs since the Russian revolution when most of the Siberian huskies were killed because they were considered a sign of affluence.  Why is it that humans are always getting animals involved in their silly political arguments?  Believe me, I've talked to many horses who aren't happy that their ancestors were forced into a bunch of silly wars because the humans can't seem to get along with each other.  How many innocent horses have died throughout history because of the humans? 

The china was not purchased for the dogs although, if you ask my opinion, and that of my humans, many of the humans who are invited to state dinners are not as worthy of eating off of china compared to the dogs.  Having the dogs eat out of dog bowls would not create any new jobs or help the poor eat better.  In fact, for those on"food stamps" it is the other party that wanted to cut down on the amount of food stamps the humans get.  I know because I have read it in the news.  However, the thing that riles this dog is that a cute photo gets so much reaction from the opposition.  Have they nothing better to criticize?  I feel sure that Bo and Sunny are helping the country go in the right direction.  I always feel better when there is a dog in the White House.  I maintain that Clinton would not have had near the criticism when he was in office if he had not gotten Socks the cat.  A cat in the White House is never a good idea.  I would understand if the humans got upset over cats eating out of White House china.  That would not be a cute photo, but a disgusting one.  By the way, for humans like my Granddaddy who thought that dogs do not belong in the house (thank dog, my Mommy didn't listen), china can be washed, and reused.  It isn't like they are going to throw it away.  My own humans don't really care if they eat from china or not.  Mommy got a service for 6 of Noritake china back in 1976 when she and Daddy got married.  It was never used.  My humans are like us dogs.  They are more interested in the food on the plate and not the plate itself.  However, I would love it if the humans would make special doggy plates out of rawhide so that I could eat the plate after I eat the food!

Demon Flash Bandit (Bo and Sunny Should Eat From Fine China)


  1. I thinks the dogs are more deservin of eatin off da fancy plates dan probably all da peoples who do, BOL BOL!

  2. Crikey DFB ... you are way too funny, mate! Such a deep thinker too. I LOVE the rawhide plate idea. Now that WOULD be good!!! I don't think I am following you but I'm going to change that right now.