Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Like Happy Hips

Mommy bought me a new treat which I am going to tell all you dogs about in case you want to try it too.  The item is called Happy Hips, and it is salmon jerky for dogs.  It has no added hormones,  antibiotics, fillers, and byproducts.  Mommy purchased this product at Target, and it is supposed to be good for us dogs  to maintain healthy joints.  I think this product was mis-named since it may make hips happy, but it made my mouth really happy.  It is delicious.  The package says that a dog should have only two treats a day. Isn't it great that most dogs can't read? LOL  I think you should send your humans out now to buy this product because I recommend it highly!

Demon Flash Bandit (Product Reviewer)


  1. Those sound dee-lee-she-us!

    Happy hips? You gonna start dancin Big Dog?

  2. Growlmy has seen those...I need to do some telepathy to her when she goes shopping later...

    BOL, you gonna wear tap shoes and a tutu? Um, just kidding, DFB...