Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This Dog Does Not Smoke

CVS announced that they, as of October,  will no longer sell cigarettes at their pharmacies.  As a dog who enjoys musing about the odd behavior of the humans, smoking has been one of the behaviors that I find most intriguing.  I will on go record in my blog stating that I do not, nor have I ever smoked a cigarette.  My humans also do not smoke them.  Smoking makes very little sense to me.  Fire smokes, and this dog tries to avoid getting too close to fire.  It you get to close, it will hurt you.  Yet humans, who think they are so smart, will stand around holding onto a stick of fire and not worry that they might burn their paws.  Of course, as I've written many times in past blogs, humans just think they are smart.  Most of them wouldn't survive a day without their dogs.  In fact, there is an article about that subject in the latest issue of Scientific Dog magazine which should stay on bookshelves until the end of the month of February. 

From my observation,  cigarettes cost a lot of money (which could be better spent on dog treats), they don't smell good (at least that is my opinion), and they are not good for the smoker's health.  I do understand that none of us are going to make healthy choices all the time because this dog has no plans to start eating tofu and bean sprouts.  However, I am wise enough not to smoke a stick that could burn my paws.  If only the humans could be so wise, a lot of them would live longer.

Conpawtuations to CVS for thinking like us dogs.  I suggest that you fill those empty shelves with more doggy treats!

Demon Flash Bandit (Non-Smoking Dog)


  1. More doggy treats, YAY!
    And doggy stuffy toys too...I destuff mine so fast.BOL!

  2. As always Big Dog, you is the voice of reason.

  3. Yeah, DFB, yu r wise beyond yur yeers. Fanks fur weadin' such a gud 'xample fur all ob us pupses.

  4. I meened, fanks fur *bein'* such a gud 'xample fur us. Oy bey, woman. Fink afore yu type, 'kay??