Friday, February 7, 2014

Dog Room has Porcelain Watering Bowl

Over the years, we dogs have been given the title, "man's best friend".  In fact, the humans love us so much that there is one room in the house dedicated to dogs.  That room has a porcelain watering bowl, a tub that can be filled with water so that a dog can clean dead animals from outside before he or she eats them, and a sink to wash any paws that might get dirty with anything that doesn't taste good enough for a dog to want to lick off said paw.  By the way, I am very thankful for the tub because, if a bird is killed, a dog wants to be sure and wash off any of those annoying "bird germs".  Some dogs have told me that the tub is meant to torture the family cat, but I think they might not be correct about that since the humans who have cats seem to like them too.  Since there is no cat in our family, I'm not sure about that.  Some of the humans even install a birdet which is a fountain, but most of us dogs don't like to use the fountain, and I don't think that it would get off bird germs good enough to use it for washing dead birds!  I will stick with a tub for that, and I think most dogs would agree with me about that.   These dog rooms are so popular that even humans without dogs have them in their houses because, if they plan to sell the house one day, no one is going to buy it without a dogroom. 

Although it s very nice of the humans to put a room in the house just for the dogs, I'd like to know why most humans tend to do disgusting things in our watering bowl.  This brings me to my idea for a new product.  When a dog is being "housebroken" or needs to stay inside, the humans have invented "puppy pads".  I think the market is ready for "person pads".  The pads can be placed anywhere in the house (even the kitchen so the humans can make food for us while they use them), and the dog's watering bowl will stay nice and clean.  Some dogs do use the watering bowl anyway, but this dog does not.  I have standards, and they do not involve drinking from anything that has been contaminated by the humans.  A dog must be on watch for "human germs" which aren't nearly as bad as "bird germs", but it is still better to avoid them! 

Demon Flash Bandit (Houses Need Human Pads)