Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Angry Alligators!

I'm sorry I haven't written, but I have been experiencing Internet problems.  I've mentioned this before, but I do think that AT&T has been taken over by birds, and it is a vast conspiracy against having this dog speak out against the little feathered varmints.  Is a dog going to have to switch Internet providers in order to continue barking about their evilness?

On the subject of conspiracies, I have been watching Conspiracy Theories with Jesse Ventura.  I love that program and so do my humans.  Evidently, the program has been cancelled which annoys this dog.  I suppose Ventura was getting a bit too close to the truth on some of his programs.  The truth really annoys the humans who are trying to get by with stuff.  I don't always agree with the conspiracies even though I may like the idea.  For example, there is one in which they delve into the idea that all the royal families of Europe and even some of our U.S. Presidents have reptilian ancestry. Although I do think it would be funny for the British royal family to have that kind of ancestry, I really don't think they are because, if they did, I think they would be smarter and better looking.  Actually, I did not get the impression that Ventura thought it was a valid conspiracy, but he checks them out if they are reasonable or unreasonable.  One of the shows that I think he got wrong was the one on 9/11.  I wasn't born when it happened, but from the time I was old enough to learn of it, I have thought that it was done by birds who high-jacked an airplane.  Birds are evil and are not to be trusted.  If only Ventura had delved into the high-jacking bird plot.  That is why birds get by with so much.  They are good at fooling the humans.  By the way, I've heard there is a class action lawsuit being brought by a bunch of alligators who are mad that they are being linked to the royal family and other politicians.

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