Thursday, December 16, 2010

Special Gifts for that Hard to Buy for Human

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for that special person on your shopping list can be difficult. What about that person on your list that you really don't want to buy for or even see again? However, it is a relative so you feel you can't just drop them from your list-or your life. Perhaps you want to show just how much you love them by giving them something you have yourself--like the flu. I'm sure you may be asking, how do you get the message across particularly if you have to mail the gift and won't see them during the holidays? Rest assured, Demon Flash Bandit has searched the Internet to find the perfect gift, and you can order it online from the comfort of your computer. That gift is the gift of a plush microbe. Go to and you can order the gift that will show that special person on your list just what you think of them. Give them Ebola, typhoid fever, or whatever you find interesting.

Sure, it is a fun gift for those who you would like to send the actual disease to, but I'm sure there are some people who would love to get some of these items because they would find them "interesting". Yes, some humans love educational things that the rest of us find boring. If you happen to like that type of person, and they are on your list too, it would make a nice gift for them. However, do not miss the satisfaction of giving them to the ones who aren't into such things and you don't like--even if just for the personal satisfaction of giving them something stupid.

I might add that these items are not only featured as plush items, but you can also buy Christmas ornaments, vinyl "figures", and other merchandise featuring the microbes--like coffee mugs and ties. Yes, you can find the perfect gift for anyone on your list if you search the Internet, and your pal, Demon Flash Bandit is here to help. Happy Shopping!

Demon Flash Bandit (Shopper)

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  1. I think woo need to look into marketing DFB HOWLiday produkhts fur next year!