Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dogs Not Allowed In Rental Car--Injustice to Dogs

Today's blog will feature yet another case of dog discrimination by the humans. Mommy's mini van is at the Ford dealer for a recall problem, and while it is there, Ford is providing Mommy with a rental mini van from Enterprise. Mommy likes the car that is provided. I can't give you my opinion of the car because dogs aren't allowed to ride in Enterprise Rental cars. I am thinking of hiring a doggy lawyer to represent Angel Zoom Smokey and myself in a lawsuit against Enterprise. This brings me to another problem---the yellow pages does not have any ads for lawyers who happen to be of the dog persuasion. No wonder the humans treat us like second class citizens. We have no representation. It is about time us dogs make our barks heard. When the legislators were working on a health care plan, it was only for humans. Dogs will not get any kind of national health care. This does not seem fair to this dog, and if necessary, I will run for President in the next election. Perhaps the only way to achieve equality is to change the system. It is about time dogs can go anywhere and do anything. You know the humans know we are better than them and that is why they try to keep us in the doghouse.

Demon Flash Bandit (Equality for Dogs)


  1. Have woo pawed Bo about this?

    He might be able to draw more attention to this inekhwality!


  2. What a great idea. I wonder how Bo feels about this issue. I bet the first dog gets to ride in any car he chooses, and doesn't realize how the rest of us are treated.

  3. We are listening. Our Corporate policy is that we do allow dogs in our rental vehicles. Did a rental office tell you otherwise? If yes, please contact us at care[at] with your contact information and the location (street/city/state) of the office that said dogs were not permitted. Please use "Incident 101213-002947" as the subject of the email. (Rich)

  4. Wooo - first of all, we are most impressed that Enterprise Rent-A-Car responded. Very cool of them.

    Secondly, we think you were looking under the wrong yellow pages heading. That would be "Attorneys at Claw".