Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mel Gibson's New Movie: The Beaver

Mel Gibson is making a new movie called, The Beaver. I am wondering who is going to play the rest of the Cleaver family. If you ask this dog, it is about time Hollywood does a remake of the "Leave it to Beaver" television show. Mel will play the beaver. This is going to require some serious acting on his part since playing a child won't be easy for him. I wonder who is going to be cast as his family. Perhaps Wally could be played by Sean Connery. I think he could do a good job pulling off the nice big brother role. I can envision Jack Nicholson as Ward Cleaver, which would make it a bit more interesting particularly if they make dad a bit crazy. Jack can play crazy very well. Perhaps Jennifer Aniston would make a good mom. Great, my typist has just informed me that it isn't based on Leave it to Beaver at all. What a waste of my time! She could have mentioned it earlier. Secretary, be sure and delete all that I have written thus far and I will start again. A dog doesn't want to appear silly. This time I will check the facts on the Internet before I write anymore.

Mel Gibson is in a movie called The Beaver. This is not a remake of the television show, Leave it to Beaver-although that is what any intelligent person would assume. The movie is about a crazy guy who puts a beaver puppet on his hand and uses the beaver to communicate with everyone. I think this is a great role for Mel because I think he can pull off a crazy man very well. I don't even think it will require a serious amount of acting on his part. I do wonder if they used the "beaver" for a reason. They could have easily used a rabbit or raccoon, but I suspect they used a beaver to get more laughs. A dog would think the humans have more than one meaning for the word, beaver.

I do have to mention that all the money spent making this new movie could be better spent on a new dog movie, but you know how stupid the humans are when spending money.

I hope that everyone is having a nice weekend.

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