Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Demon Flash Bandit With Kung Fu Grip

There was no blog yesterday because my human took the day off-without my permission. I don't know why the humans get some of these weird ideas in their heads about getting days off when a dog has not authorized an off day. I should start paying my human so I can fire her, but on the other paw, then who would type my blog? When I get money, I buy dingo bones and Burger King. I don't want to pay for typing.

My humans went to see a movie yesterday. They saw True Grit. There used to be a newspaper named Grit which is now a magazine. It has been in print for a long time so I bet it is about its early years because I noticed in its trailer that the humans were dressed in very old fashioned clothing which made it look like a western. My humans said it is an excellent movie. Mommy said it is better than the original movie, which starred John Wayne. John Wayne was a very popular actor in the past, but this dog has noticed that he always played the same basic character so, realistically, he probably was not a great actor, but he was smart enough to pick roles that suited him.

The humans ate at Cracker Barrel, and Mommy had chicken and dumplings. Angel, who happens to love chicken told me she knew what they had for dinner because she could smell the chicken on their breath. She was not pleased that the humans had chicken, and they didn't bring home a dinner for her. I told her that it was okay because the chicken is the important thing--we dogs can live without the stupid vegetables.

Jeff bought an Avatar action figure, and I took off with it. I don't usually care about Jeff's toys, but this one was interesting. I did not want to give it up. Jeff is 25 years old and I am 7 years old so I fail to see why he should want a toy when a dog of my age doesn't get it. I think I have outgrown the plush squeaky puppy toys and I'm ready to play with big dog toys. I think Mommy is going to buy me one the next time she goes to the store which I hope is soon. I told her that I would like a GI Husky action figure with kung fu grip. It would be cool to have a dog who can beat up annoying humans with one paw. The next time I read about a dog who has been abused, I could use my action figure's kung fu grip to go after the offending human. It would be nice to go after Michael Vick. He deserves to be smacked with a kung fu grip after the dog fighting in which he was involved.

I hope that I will get to see True Grit soon. Why should a dog always have to wait for the blu rays and dvd release?

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Wants Kung Fu Grip)

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  1. I believe she should get your blogs done prior to seeing movies and stuff...