Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reminder: Santa Paws is Coming to Town

I was watching the movie made in honor of Angel Zoom Smokey and myself, Angels and Demons. I don't understand why they chose to use humans in the film because humans are clearly inferior to dogs in movies. However, it was directed and produced by humans so I have to assume that they didn't want to work with dogs who are so clearly superior to them in talent and intelligence. Considering the all human cast, it was a good movie. I'm hoping they will remake it with an all dog cast, but you know how prejudiced the humans are in favor of themselves. I can only hope that some day, the bias will end.

It is one week until Christmas so, for the humans reading this, if you haven't gotten your dog's gifts yet, I would suggest you start your shopping. You don't want the pet store to run out of dog toys and treats before you get there. Dogs, don't forget to be extra nice and good because Santa Paws is watching. I'm not saying it isn't an invasion of privacy on his part. However, he is bringing you gifts so it is best not to bring that up when you talk to him. I hope you have written your letters to him, and/or visited him in person. A dog can never be too careful at this time of year---it would be awful not to have some gifts under the tree-and you should have gifts you want!

Demon Flash Bandit (Movie Review and Reminder: Santa Paws is Coming to Town)

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  1. We are quite confident that Santa will forget all of those "incidents" over the past year and declare us good dogs.