Saturday, December 4, 2010

Paw to the Gas--Go Faster!

My adopted sister, Angel Zoom Smokey, has been known to drive while under the influence of alcohol, which is irresponsible for humans, but dogs are a different story. Anyway, after Angel had a few drinks the other day, I was riding as a passenger in the car with Angel Zoom Smokey driving. I had suggested I drive because I had only had water, but Angel would not hear of it. She said that it was her car and she was driving. NOTE: It is not her car--it is Mommy's car. Anyway, we had gone about 5 miles when we heard sirens behind us and saw some blinking lights. I suggested we pull over. Angel Zoom Smokey, who has been reading a lot of Greek mythology lately said that sirens make music and compel mariners to wreck their ships. She wasn't falling for their trickery. Her paw hit the accelerator, and she took off, leaving the sirens in the dust. She said to always be careful when you hear sirens--it is seldom a good thing for the person hearing them. I suspect she might very well be right about that.

On another subject, we live next to a major highway, and there are 2 dead raccoons that have been hit by cars sitting beside the road. Mommy won't let us eat them, but Angel Zoom Smokey and myself keep telling her that they are food delivery. Will the humans never understand common dog sense?

Demon Flash Bandit (Riding With Dog that Got Away)

1 comment:

  1. Your sisfur is furry smart!

    As fur your mom NOT letting woo have some of that rakhkhoon rangoons...WRONG!