Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Christmas Photo

Today I am going to post a photo of my stunt double, Phantom Fast Snowman in his Christmas hat. This "hat" was meant for me, but I didn't choose to wear it so it was time to call in my stunt double, Phantom. I might add that having a stunt double is wonderful for situations like this in which I really don't want to be bothered wearing a hat-which is most of the time. Mommy thought a photo of Angel Zoom Smokey and myself getting into the "Christmas spirit" would make a good blog photo. As usual, we didn't agree. If she wants us to get into the Christmas spirit, she should put our presents under the tree early. She waits until Christmas Eve because we have a talent for sniffing out our gifts early. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photo of myself (Phantom), and Merry Christmas to my readers.
Mommy went shopping yesterday and came home with an artificial pathetic Christmas tree as seen in the television Christmas special, A Charlie Brown Christmas. That tree is not worthy of me bothering to lift my leg to pee on it. I'm glad we have an 8 foot tree that is the actual Christmas tree. Phantom said he wouldn't want to have his photo made next to that tree, and Phantom, being a stuffed dog, does not usually have very high standards about such things.
Anyway, I hope my readers are getting ready for the Christmas season. I know Angel Zoom Smokey and myself are looking forward to all the things we have asked Santa Paws for, and Angel said this year he had better deliver. It turns out that he didn't bring her the millions of dollars in merchandise she requested for the last couple of years, and I think he is going to get a puppy slap of justice if she runs into him. Santa Paws, you'd better watch out....Angel Zoom Smokey is ready to give you a puppy slap of justice.

Demon Flash Bandit (It is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas)

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  1. Maybe woo need to chekhk out the Charlie Brown Tree in the two posts on this one:

    I got my ornament today!!!

    Thanks furry much!

    We'll add it to my magikh winter table on the porch and share it later this week!