Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year to All

There was good news today from my friend, the Queen Lady (Elizabeth II). She is now a great grandmother. Of course, I know it is only 1 human puppy, but it is still good news for her. My friend, Holly, a German Shepherd in New Zealand, had 5 sons earlier this month. Human puppies are not as advanced as dog puppies so it is a real handful to have more than one of them. Did you know that human puppies can't even take care of themselves until they are 2 or 3? I know many dogs who already have jobs and have moved away from home before they are even 1 year old. I know the humans are inferior to us dogs, but I have yet to decide if it is a matter of them really being slow or if the humans just spoil their human puppies too much. Most of them don't even start walking until they are about a year old. The not walking until 1 sounds like maybe the human puppies might be lazy. Anyway, it is good news for the Queen Lady. I just hope that it doesn't interfere with her coming here to mow my yard. I have been looking forward to her visit, and I know how nice it would be for her to earn a few extra euros, what with the household cutbacks she has had to institute due to the economy.

Today is the last day of 2010. As I reminded my readers yesterday, be sure and enjoy those bad habits that you plan to make resolutions about today before the resolutions go into effect. I'm sure many of you are wondering about my plans for New Year's Eve. Being the world famous celebrity dog that I am, I could go to any number of parties, but I plan to stay home with my humans. I thought about hopping a private jet to a colder spot like Alaska, but even if there hasn't been as much snow as a dog can hope for, it is nice to spend time at home. As Toto's human on the movie, The Wizard of Oz, finally realized at the end of the movie--"there is no place like home". Humans take a long time to realize the most simple facts. Personally, I would have wondered about the reality of Oz as soon as I saw a bunch of Munchkins and a crazy witch. The flying monkeys are okay. They have their own airline called TransWorldApe Airlines. They are the planes with the monkey painted on the side. I wonder if they would let a dog fly with them if the dog has enough bananas to pay them for the ticket.

I wish everyone a happy new year, and don't party so much tonight that you get into trouble. Trouble is not a good way to start out a new year!

Demon Flash Bandit (Commenting on Last Day of 2010)

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  1. I've already snagged The Xterra keys so my human khan't go anywhere -

    But then again, she doesn't have a life save fur ME so where would she have gone anyway?

    Happy New Years to woo and your staff!