Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Uncle Milty is an Ant Farmer

Evidently, I have an uncle and I was unaware of his connection   to me.  He is uncle Milty, and he has a career as an ant farmer.
I assume he is on the human side of my family  because I can't imagine a dog as an ant farmer.  What is the point of ant farming?  I have seen ants in my yard, and I am not impressed with them.  If you ask me, they are useless bugs which are  not much better than fleas, and I despise fleas.  Ants are incapable of useful activities.  For example, carpenter ants have no building skills.  Have you ever seen a house built by a carpenter ant?  I didn't think so.  I have no clue why my uncle is dedicating his life's work to a bug, but I also don't understand why humans choose to work when they could stay home with their dog.
 I haven't met him, but I am sending Christmas gifts for his ants..  I am sending tiny pieces of thread for them to use as scarves.  Uncle Milty should be happy that his ants will stay warm.

Demon Flash Bandit (City Dog)

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