Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Saving for a Rainy Day

As a fiscally responsible dog, I have always prepared for the future.  As you know, anything can happen so it is best to be prepared. During my adventures out in the yard, I often run across treasures.  For example, I have caught 20 mice in the last year.   I tried to catch a squirrel and 3 birds, but they were uncooperative.  I take my treasures to humom who is always thrilled to get them.  I am sure she admires my treasure hunting expertise.  Angel Zoom Smokey doesn't have my hunting skills.
 She has only caught 2 mice.  She is too busy zooming around acting silly to get anything serious done.  I like to put stuff aside for a rainy day because, when it rains, mice seek shelter.  This is because mice don't use umbrellas, and they look silly when they are wet.  Anywoof, I was pleased that humom had deposited my dead mice into my bank account.  Imagine my concern when I told humom I wanted to withdraw a squirrel and 2 mice from  my account.  The squirrel was my interest.  Imagine my anger to discover that my account is empty.  Evidently, banks do not accept mice - dead or alive.  At least that is what they are claiming now.  I know better.  Some CEO has my dead mice on display in his home.  Some of the rich people will even take advantage of a dog.  

Demon Flash Bandit ( Dog Who Was Cheated)

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