Thursday, December 1, 2016

I Am a Doctor

There was great joy in my house yesterday.  Humom came home after a 3 month absence.   I am so happy I could kiss a cat.  Mommy ordered Angel and me almond chicken from the Chinese restaurant for dinner.   Life is getting back to normal again.  Humom has oxygen now, and a bunch of medical people will be coming to visit.  I see no need for them when I am a doctor, and Angel is Nurse Jane Fuzzybutt.  We have been taking good care of mom for years.  Mom said she has to humor the medical people because they went to college to do their jobs so I will allow it.  All dogs know that you have to humor the humans.  However I plan to make sure they didn't go to the electoral college.  If so, I will tell them to leave.

Demon Flash Bandit (Doctor Demon)


  1. I know yu will take real gud care of yur Mommy. So happy she is home!

  2. Hope that your Mommy will do well at home and not need to evfur go back to that hospital or nursing home...still we know that sometimes they are there when you do need them. You and your sisfur are going to do a great job in Mommy care!