Monday, December 12, 2016

Names Matter

We are having delightful weather here in lower Michigan!  My prayers were answered.  Schools closed so I assume a lot of children were also praying for snow along with me. A Delta plane skidded on the runway at Detroit Metro airport.  As I said, delightful.  Angel and I built a snowdog in the front yard.  Some people build a snowman, but dogs know a snowdog is always better.  One of the houses in the past built a giant snow bunny.  The squirrels were amazed.

I was doing some serious meditating today.  Yes , I meditate.  Most of the time, when I meditate, I usually think about places where humom would store my treats.  However, today I was thinking about gremlins and stupidity in manufacturers brand names.  During World War 2, when a machine gave trouble, the guys would say it was caused by gremlins.  What genius at American Motors Co. came up with the name, Gremlin, for one of their cars.  My aunt had one and humom said it well named. It should come as no surprise to dogs reading this.  The company has not been I'm business for decades.  Since the movie, Gremlins was released, you don't see a lot of products named Gremlin anymore.  I hope everyone has a nice gremlin free day!

Demon Flash Bandit (Names Matter!)


  1. You built a snow dog??. I sure would like to see that!

  2. My momma got a called an anorexic spraytranned gremlin by one of her cousins recently - BOL BOL!