Monday, December 12, 2016

I Am Not Santa Paws

Humom hasn't been feeling good for a couple of days.  Being the magnificent dog that I am, I told her she could take a couple of days off from typing my blog.  Of course, I can't allow her to become spoiled so she is back on the job.  My blog is not going to type itself.

I have read that some people get depressed at Christmas.  I happen to look forward to the season so I had a hard time understanding how anyone could be unhappy because of it.  However, after Mommy discovered that Amazon has Santa suits in my size, I am now depressed.  Of course I would look cute in a  costume , but I look even better without one.  Why doesn't Amazon just stick with selling dog food and treats?  I am going to request that Santa Paws  bring the folks running Amazon coal for Christmas.  That is what they deserve for selling dog costumes.  I will admit that I loved the cat in a Santa suit.  It is okay to sell cat costumes.  Cats love to amuse the humans.

Demon Flash Bandit (Just Say No To Costumes)

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