Monday, December 26, 2016

Santa Paws is a Good Dog !

I hope all my readers had a wonderful Christmas.  I am sharing a photo of the puzzle toys Santa Paws left for Angel and me.  I love these toys and the small squeaky toys that a dog can take out and put back in.  😁

The humans got us stuff too, but it is nice that Santa Paws brings something for every dog in the world.  I left him some milkbones  and a Coca Cola.  We had salmon for dinner, and we watched TV while munching on dingo bones we got for Christmas.  We watched Ernest Saves Christmas and Eight Below.  Angel😇 and I😈 got to play outside in the snow!   The humans got some nice stuff too.  Both of my aunts called.   It was a wonderful Christmas for everyone.  I hope yours was nice too.

😈Demon Flash Bandit😈 (Dog)


  1. Crikey DFB ... Im sure glad you had a nice Christmas. We did too. Christmas is great, aye???