Friday, May 24, 2013

Poptart Theft Cannot Be Tolerated!

I saw an item in the news today that gave me an inspirational answer to one of my own problems.  A mother in Charlotte, North Carolina, Latasha Renee Love,  had her 13 year old son arrested for "allegedly" stealing her poptarts.  I'm sure some of you might think that the mother over reacted to the situation.  However, as a dog who has had another dog (namely Angel Zoom Smokey) steal my treats from time to time, I think that this mom's reaction was sensible and I plan to do the same in the future.  If I had seen this item yesterday, I would have had Angel Zoom Smokey arrested for stealing my peanutbutter crackers.  She ate hers, and then she came running over and ate mine.  I was very annoyed, but I do think that having her arrested might be the proper way to get through to her that such behavior will not be tolerated! 

Demon Flash Bandit (Writing About Sensible Mother)

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