Thursday, May 2, 2013

Famous Hedgehogs in History

Twice upon a time, there was a hedgehog named Danny who met a hedgehog named Sonic.  Yes, they met twice because this tale is far better than the ones that only happen once upon a time.  Danny was no ordinary hedgehog, and Sonic was one of those speedy "video game" hedgehogs.  They had so little in common that, the first time they met, they didn't even bother to exchange hedgehog personal information because they didn't think they had anything in common.  That was until they met at the skating rink.  Danny the Hedgehog is a champion skater.  He won the best  hedgehog skater in the world award in 2009.  Sonic is also a good skater, but he can't hold a candle to Danny, and he tried.  He kept trying to get the candle close to Danny, but it just didn't work.  Danny is afraid of fire!  I asked both of them to share the story of the hardest item to find for skating.   Both said it is definitely the skates.  Evidently, the manufacturers aren't anxious to manufacture skates for hedgehogs.  I suppose it is not a big market so they don't bother to make many of them.  I am very glad that the hedgehogs found theirs because their show was very entertaining!

Demon Flash Bandit (Talking Hedgehogs)

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