Saturday, May 25, 2013

McDonalds Dropping the Angus Burger!

I usually write my blog earlier in the day, but this dog has had a very traumatic day.  As a puppy, I refused to eat any hamburgers except for Burger King. Then about a year or so ago, Burger King made my human very angry.  The employee refused to give me a bacon burger with only bacon and hamburger meat-despite their "have it your way" advertising.  Mommy called the corporate office to complain at which point, she not only did not receive any kind of apology for having an employee argue with her, but she also was told that the individual franchises can charge extra for leaving stuff off.  That is when she told me that I would be eating McDonalds and Wendys burgers from then on, and I have been cooperative.  After all, I may love BK, but there is a principle involved in the situation.  Now McDonalds has made my humans angry.  They have dropped their delicious Angus burgers and replaced them with....quarter pounder burgers.  The Angus burgers are `1/3 pound burgers so they are cheating a dog out of meat which is very serious to us dogs.  In addition, the big addition is quarter pounders with could order them with bacon all along so it really isn't a new burger.  I suspect my humans won't be going to McDonalds much anymore because they mainly ordered the Angus burgers.  They aren't big fans of the rest of the menu.  I guess I'll have to adjust to Wendys now.  Mommy says whenever McDonalds has a burger that actually tastes good, they always drop it from the menu.  I guess even the humans get annoyed at restaurants, and it isn't just us dogs.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Once Preferred Burger King)

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