Monday, May 6, 2013

Humans Complain Too Much!

What is wrong with the humans?  It seems that some of them will complain about anything and everything even if it has no effect whatsoever on them or their lives.  I am referring to the actor, Zach Braff, who has tuned to Kickstarter, a website that allows people to donate money in order to fund projects.  There will be a Veronica Mars movie thanks to the humans giving money on Kickstarter to fund the movie. Braff wants to do a sequel to his movie, Garden State, which will be entitled, Wish I Was Here.   However, since Zach Braff made a decent amount of money starring on Scrubs, some people are saying that he should spend his own money, and not ask for money on Kickstarter.  This is why I don't understand how illogical the humans can be about things that should be common sense.  If a human or dog does not want to give money to Braff to make the movie, then no one is making them do so.  On the other paw, if a person wants to give him money, isn't that their choice?  It isn't like anyone is standing there with a gun at the person's head making them give money on Kickstarter.  Therefore, I don't see any need for the humans to complain about the money Braff receives from Kickstarter.  Mommy has several seasons of Veronica Mars on dvd, and I have watched it with her.  It is an okay show, but I think the world would survive if they never made a movie out of the show.  However, if the major fans of the show want to see a movie about it and are willing to give money to have one made, I'm fine with it.  You won't hear this dog barking one complaint about it.  Why can't the humans who like to complain so much find something to complain about which is worth the time and trouble to complain?  Meanwhile, Zach Braff has my support.  I hope he gets the money he needs to film his new movie.  I also hope that my brother, Jeff, will get the funding he needs on Kickstarter when he finally gets ready to go on there with the webcast on which he has been working.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Approves of Zack Braff's Project)

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