Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Generous and Unappreciated Dog!

Sometimes a dog just can't win no matter how hard the dog tries.  I decided to be nice to Angel Zoom Smokey, the girl husky who lives here in the house with me so I got her a lovely gift.  The gift was an apron.  I felt it was appropriate since Angel is a girl dog, and all us boy dogs know that girl dogs love to cook and clean so what better gift could I give her than an apron to keep her fur clean while she cooks?  You would think she would be thrilled to get such a thoughtful gift, but she gave me a "puppy slap of justice".  Yeah, she had the nerve to slap me just because she said that girl dogs do not enjoy cooking and cleaning, and I should keep the apron and wear it when I cook in the kitchen.  Is she crazy?  This dog barely even goes into the kitchen.  My human Daddy taught me many years ago to avoid the kitchen because, if you go in there too much, you could be assigned a task.   Daddy was a genius when it comes to avoiding work around the house.  Anyway, I am going to put the apron up until the next time I need to get Angel Zoom Smokey a gift, and guess what she is going to get.  If you guessed apron, then you would be correct. 

Demon Flash Bandit (Generous Dog)

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