Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Today is the first day of the new year, and this is the time that many of the humans make New Year's resolutions.  These resolutions are things  that they are supposed to do to make their lives better in the coming year.  Many of them resolve to eat healthier foods, exercise more, etc.  Since I'm a dog, I don't need to make any resolutions for my life.  We dogs happen to be about as perfect as one can possibly be, and I am one perfect dog so making resolutions would just be a waste of my valuable time.  However, I am going to make a few just to make the humans fell better about themselves.  The humans have enough problems without them feeling even more inferior to their dogs than usual.  My resolutions are to nap more, watch more television, and have more treats.  I am quite sure that I will be able to keep those resolutions throughout the year which is a problem with the humans.  Most of their resolutions are broken within a week.  If the humans made resolutions like mine, I think even the humans might be able to keep their resolutions even though they don't have the strong will of a Siberian husky.  For my readers who are trying to improve their lives, I hope it works out for you.  I know I will be a much happier dog if I can fulfill my own resolutions.

Demon Flash Bandit (New Year's Resolutions) 

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