Saturday, January 19, 2013

Demonflashbanditmobile Worth 5 Million Dollars

Some of the humans are estimating that the Batmobile will probably go for about 5 million dollars at auction.  I've written about this car in past blogs, and I'm sure my readers agree that this car would be perfect as my new, Demonflashbanditmobile.  The only problem is that my humans claim they don't have 5 million dollars to buy the car.  My human Mommy even said that, in her opinion, no car on Earth is worth 5 million dollars.  I'm sure you can understand my frustration with the lack of understanding from my humans.  A dog like myself, who is a world famous blogger, needs to have a cool car to drive.  I can't  just be seen driving the same kind of car as a regular dog who isn't famous.  That would look silly to my fans.  Therefore, I am making this offer in order to raise money to buy the "Demonflashbanditmobile".  For a mere $250,000., my readers can buy a pawtograph from my very own famous, blogging paw.  Act fast, because after I've done about 20 pawtographs, I will probably have to return the money without a pawtograph because, having to do all that work will require a lot of napping to recover.  You can send the money to:  Demon Flash Bandit.  That should be enough of an address since I'm sure the post office knows where to find me.  I'll also send a photo of me cruising around in the Demonflashbanditmobile to everyone who paid for a pawtograph.  I know that this has to be the bargain of the century since it isn't everyday that I am willing to give out pawtographs.  Hurry and get yours before I need to take a nap!!!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Needs Batmobile to Make it Demonflashbanditmobile)

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