Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dogs Should be in Charge of Gun Control

Because of the recent shootings at the school in Connecticut where so many young children were killed recently, many of the humans think that perhaps too many people who shouldn't have guns have them.  As usual, the humans should consult a dog for the answers to the important things like this.  I have the solution and it is as simple as the fur on my paw.  Before getting guns, the humans should have to pass both an intelligence test and also have no incidents of problems with mental health.  Most gun owners are okay, and won't hurt anyone with their guns.  However, when you are dealing with stupid or insane humans, those are the humans who shouldn't have guns.  For some odd reason, many of the humans who are sane and not stupid also seem to think that the time to get their guns out is when they are drunk--another bad combination.  Of course, the forest animals do find it amusing when the humans hunters end up shooting at each other instead of at them.  When a human gets so drunk that they can't tell another human from a deer, I think it is time to put the guns down.  My fellow dogs who are hunting and/or sporting dogs are concerned about this matter because they don't want to be shot because the human thought they were a deer or duck.  In fact, if they would put dogs in charge of the guns, there would be a lot less problems since we dogs are infinitely more intelligent than the humans.  I might add that one of my pals, a deer who wants to remain nameless, is so proud of the human head he has on display in his den--it is his prize possession.  That deer has no problem with the humans being drunk when hunting.

Demon Flash Bandit (My Thoughts on "Gun Control")

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