Friday, January 18, 2013

Dr. Demon Flash Bandit

Most of my readers know that I happen to be a multi-talented dog so today I am going to discuss another one of my accomplishments.  I am known as Dr. Demon around here because I am always checking on any health problems my humans may have.  I don't think illnesses should be put into the hands of human doctors because they are humans, and as such, are incapable of the intelligence required to be a doctor.  Yet most of the humans go to human doctors instead of dog doctors.  They even take their pets to human doctors which is scary because those doctors don't even speak the pet's language, and most pets can't speak human like I can.  Therefore, I think that the new Obamacare should take this into consideration, and appoint someone to make sure that the humans get qualified dog doctors for their illnesses.  Humans are capable of being nurses so the nurses don't need to be replaced by dogs--just the doctors.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dr. Demon Flash Bandit MD)

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