Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fur Producer

Some of my many fans have asked me if I produce anything that I'd like to write about, and it just so happens that I do.  I produce soft, lovely fur which I leave everywhere for the humans to enjoy.  My humans say that my fur is as soft as that of their Dutch bunny, Flash, but he wasn't thoughtful enough to leave it everywhere as I do mine.  I have left enough fur to clog up a vacuum cleaner, and to actually make several teams of sled dogs if a dog only needed fur and nothing else.  My fur can be cloned to make a copy of me. However,  I am still the original so don't assume that you could take my fur and get another blogging dog.  My "clones" probably would not have the vast education that I have had.  A dog who blogs needs a good education; and sadly, some of the humans neglect their dogs education.  Obedience school does not count as education because it is for the humans--and they seldom learn to obey their dogs even after attending!

Demon Flash Bandit (Fur Producer)

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