Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cat Food Disguised as Treats

After some research, I have uncovered a new conspiracy, and this one is close to home.  I think Angel Zoom Smokey, a fellow Siberian Husky wants to get my treats.  I know some of my readers might think that I am just being paronoid, but the fact is that I have caught her eating my treats when I'm not there to protect them.  When questioned, she will claim they are her treats, but I know they are mine.  I put my name on them just to make sure that I'm not mistaken.  This is one reason that it is so important for dogs to be educated because an illiterate dog is more easily taken adventage of in situations.  I think I have the solution.  I will take some cat food and cleverly disguise it to look like my treats.  Then when Angel Zoom Smokey eats it, she will be eating cat food.  I've never had cat food, but I'm sure it would be a major insult to a dog to have to eat cat food since it is for cats, and cats can be so annoying to many dogs.  I've got to go now, and put cat food on Mommy's shopping list.  I'm so lucky that she is a human, and will have no idea that I put the cat food on the list.

Demon Flash Bandit (Clever Dog)

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