Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Latest Action Figures!

For those of you who are fans of the royal family, I have some great news for you. For those of you who read my recent blog about British accents, I am barking this one with a British accent since it is about the royal family. Now you can buy an action figure of Kate Middleton or her sister Pippa. These action figures are being manufactured by Herobuilders toys, and it is a company in the United States. You would think a company in Great Britain would see the demand for these action figures, but evidently, they did not. I'm sure that they would be a great addition for those who enjoy playing with action figures. You don't even necessarily need to play with them, but you can display the figures for that "I'm displaying a member of the royal family so I have good taste" type of person. However, playing with them would be awesome. I can just see Kate being the villain and fighting a Superman action figure. Perhaps she is the good guy and is being annoyed by the Joker. The scenarios are endless, and all the good fun provided because a smart company saw the need for making the two women into action figures! I know it is something to be thankful for so it is great that the items came onto the market so close to Thanksgiving. I can just imagine how many families will be sitting around the traditional pizza dinner being thankful for the new action figures. How many prayers of thanks will be offered for such a magnificent item? I bet people haven't been this excited about a product since Larry the Cable Guy wrote a book! I'm sure my readers are thinking, Demon, we love reading what you have to say, but please let us know more about this product so that is just what I plan to do now. Here is the web address so you can see this item for yourself:

Be sure and order yours before they run out. Remember, it would make a great Christmas gift!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Kate Middleton and Pippa Action Figures)

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